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Players: 103 / 1000

Hotan: MarveL
Jangan: ThE_FaLLeN
Bandit: Apocalypse


30-12.2014Donate Service Start: by Endiness Team
Donate Service Start:
Donate Service just to keep server live thanks For Support Us and Donate to Server
25-12.2014 Fortress War info: by Endiness Team
Fortress War info:
Request Period: Every time (War Period): Friday& Monday 14.00 ~ 16.00 (GMT+1)(Server Time) .....................Tax Period : Every time
12-12.2014 Hello. This is Endiness Online by Endiness Team
Hello. This is Endiness Online.
We got new system in endiness witch allow u to make ur items legends and ur style known with new area for pvp and new area for uniques also u can enjoy great fun with the new job system with ur friends and guild and for ur party and team the new magical uniques waiting to be hunted ...... u still reading why don't join and give us a try
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12-12.2014 EndinessOnLine Tutorial by Seezar